Brandon Leudke

Featured Projects

  1. “Crouching Heron, Hidden Flock”   Sculpture, 2014
  2. “Vega Series”   Paintings, 2009
  3. “Pygmalion”   Modelling, 2013
  4. Oxford University Press, New York   Illustration: Two Children's Readers
  5. D'Ambrosio architecture + urbanism   Web Design & Dev.
  6. Nautilus House   Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  7. James Gauer Architecture + Design   Web Design & Dev.
  8. Spa Space   Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  9. E Y Properties Ltd.   Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  10. Trailblazer Business Consulting   Illustration, Web Design & Dev.
  11. Radio Seaport   Logo, Web Design & Dev.
  12. Caribbean Property Development   Web Design & Dev.
  13. Mercedes Ghosh Jazz Vocalist   Web Design & Dev.
  14. Crooked Goose Bistro   Photography, Menu Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  15. Excel Physiotherapy   Logo, Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  16. Pacific Essences   Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  17. Pacific Osteopathy   Logo, Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  18. Temagami Electrical Services Inc.   Logo, Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.
  19. Greenway Studio: Architecture + Integrated Arts   Web Design & Dev.
  20. The Hot Tub Doctors   Graphic Design, Web Design & Dev.

Brandon Leudke, Artist

Brandon Leudke

What I Do

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development, Software Development & Programming
  • Painting, Drawing, Illustration & Photography
  • Fine Art Modelling, Performance Art & Acting
  • Large Scale Private & Public Art Projects: Construction & Consultation.
  • Mosaic & Sculpture
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Project Management
  • Print & Display Services: Epson wide format digital printing; Aluminum and bamboo display and banner stands: portable displays and trade-show displays. Print brokering services available.


Who "We" Are

  • Leudke Creative is mostly "just me", but sometimes — when the coding gets tough — also “a team of experienced programmers and designers available for unique & challenging projects… nice people who do good work.


  • Our team has extensive experience designing graphic materials and programming websites.
  • We strive towards a common goal of developing highly functional and elegant print materials and websites — documents and sites that people can comprehend immediately, navigate easily and find what they need quickly.
  • We are committed to achieving your goals, while providing exceptional design to your project — design that embodies your principles, and those of your project, while conveying information in a clear, intuitive manor.
  • We develop solutions that allow for ease of maintenance and updates through scalable and effective content management systems that are suitable to your needs, yet inexpensive.
  • Our programmers possess superior skill at programming fast, trouble-free sites using the latest standards and most efficient approaches. We are excited to work with you from concept to delivery — to design and develop a website that will exceed your expectations.


  • Our design and production processes produce excellent results with good communication: first by defining clear and concise goals for each stage of development and then by providing the best solutions while ensuring opportunities for your review during the work flow.


  • As demonstrated by our recent projects, we have the ability to produce intelligent, sophisticated designs with enhanced functionality, at various project scales.
  • Together, as team of web development specialists, we have the collective skill and experience to create and deliver successful graphic and web solutions.
Herons Landing - Sculpture by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2014Photo: © Brandon Leudke, 140303

“Crouching Heron, Hidden Flock”

Sculpture at Herons Landing, Victoria, BC
by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2014

Artist: Brandon Leudke
Title: “Crouching Heron, Hidden Flock”
Year: 2014
Medium: Steel heron (2.5m high), steel reeds, steel address numbers "3185", glass tile mosaic, stone, architectural lighting
Client: Private Commission
Location:"Herons Landing", 3185 Tillicum Road, Victoria, BC, Canada

Artist’s Statement:

One night, while walking along the Songhees Walkway, I caught the view of a crouching heron that would become the inspiration for my sculpture. Standing on one leg, motionless, this heron would have been easy to miss had my mind’s wandering thoughts not paid heed to my peripheral vision, which was directing me to appreciate the beauty of the moment before me. I stood there with that bird for over half an hour, contemplating his superb focus and patience while also admiring his delicate silhouette and graceful thinness. Was there ever another bird so exquisitely efficient in function and yet so meditatively beautiful in form?

Living and working on the Victoria waterfront has afforded me many opportunities to observe and reflect on the habits of the local heron population, particularly their posture of crouching in still waters in wait of fish. During the daytime, I would compare the heron’s ways to those of the other birds — the noise and confusion of the vulturous seagulls surrounding the heron and hoarding any available fish remnants — to the hectic ways of the people of the city, with their cars, planes, boats, sirens and so forth. I admired the “way” of the heron, whose stillness is extraordinary. Does one ever become likewise, unaffected by all of the busyness and distractions of the city?

The heron’s uncanny punctuality also struck me, as we’d come to meet at that same spot most nights thereafter. Now that seasons and habits have changed, when he doesn’t show up, I can go to Herons Landing to see him crouching in his newly conceptualized habitat, atop a custom glass tile mosaic “water” motif, amidst rust laden rocks.

As a major landmark and beacon to the city, the Crouching Heron is clearly visible from the road; yet, it is by navigating the sculpture on foot that the steel bird is brought to life. The scale of the work, standing at 2.5 m, was determined such that passersby would become the metaphorical “flock” surrounding the Crouching Heron. This is a proud bird: a satisfied and observant one who is at once impervious to, and yet keenly aware of, his surroundings — and us..

Brandon Leudke
May 25, 2014


Sequel Naturals - Paintings by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2009"Vega 01" Photo © Brandon Leudke; Photographer: Alan Bagshaw

"Vega Series"

Paintings by Brandon Leudke, LEUDKE CREATIVE, 2009

Artist: Brandon Leudke
Title: “Vega Series;
Year: 2009
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions 6'x9' ('Vega 01' shown here), 4'x7.5', nine 4'x4' paintings (total of 228 sq. ft.)
Client: Vega (Formerly "Sequel Naturals"), Vancouver, BC, Canada
Budget; $26,000.00
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada

Artist’s Statement:

One of eleven paintings totalling over 250 sq. ft. of work, this large 9’w x 6’h boardroom piece incorporates visual themes, styles and materials consistent with Sequel Naturals’ vision, message, products and workspace. In the style of abstract mysticism/symbolism, these paintings and the sculpture feature visually compelling design and colour motifs as well as the bold palette of the company’s natural product source ingredients and their native locations.

Pygmalion – a tribute to Jean Gerome, one of Derek Galon’s favourite old masters.
Models: Xevv McModel and Brandon Leudke; Makeup/body paint: Aleta Eliasen; Llight consultant: Jon Hoadley.Photo: © Darek Galon


Salute to Pygmalion painting by J. Gerome based on the classic story of Pygmalion, a poor artist in love with his sculpture.

Artist: Darek Galon
Models: Xevv McRoberts and Brandon Leudke

Makeup/body paint: Aleta Eliasen
Light consultant: Jon Hoadley
Title: Pygmalion 1
Year: 2013
Edition: Limited Edition of 25, Open Edition
Medium: Inkjet Print
Available sizes: 11x14 print only, 17x22 LE, 16x23 LE Mounted For Sale
Gallery: Gallery — Artist: Derek Galon (Choose category: Nude
Tags: Conceptual, woman, man, portrait, nude


Jean-Leon Gerome, the prominent artist of Orientalism movement, was a keen follower of photography and adopted this new media for his work. He was an indefatigable traveller to the Middle East, frequently accompanied by a photographer. Gerome’s technique was of impeccable precision, and some of his paintings have almost visual reality and crispness of Photorealism. Derek’s Pygmaliondrew inspiration from Gerome’s versions of the mythological story of Pygmalion, an artist who fell in love with the sculpture he created. The image depicts the moment when the sculpture of Galatea is brought to life by Pygmalion’s kiss.

“For me, masterpiece paintings are the source of limitless inspiration. No matter how fancy our digital imaging will get, old canvasses will never stop thrilling us” – says Derek. “Photographing architecture and landscape for an everyday living, I return to my world of art images/art/ like to my sanctuary, and I treasure every moment of this work. Now, with my art winning medals, getting internationally exhibited and sold, it gives me even more motivation than ever to continue.”

by Margaret Gajek, MA, writer, researcher, art historian, co-founder of Ozone Zone Books

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